Why logo can be unsuccessful?


Creation of the logo is an important and difficult part of the branding process for every company. Logotypes must be excellent because it’s the first this, that do customers see.


It must be well done and recognizable, so mistakes, that were made in process of their creation can be fatal. Each designer has to do his best to make something awesome and know all the common mistakes not to allow them.



The first mistake, that is widespread, is that design is too simple and the quality of printing for logotype is too low. Also, there is a tendency that companies don’t want to spend money on designers and try to make logos by themselves, so the result is bad and not professional.


To create something good, it’s important to understand the interest of the potential audience and very often it doesn’t happen. Wrong used pictures and effects also can ruin the idea of a logotype.


Remember, that logos have to be unique, so don’t try to copy someone’s idea, because customers would see that and the result would be awful. 


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